Good April Fools Day Pranks For School

Good April Fools Day Pranks For School: With the whole world celebrating April Fools day on 1st of April. Kids who are good at playing pranks also play pranks but in a different manner as compared to adults. Kids who are often good at playing smartly on April fools day 2016 can do things which are never heard of, and they can even play pranks which are very common.  Good April Fools Day Pranks For School can be one of the best days of a life of kids and parents while playing pranks at school. As childhood and school are very much related to each other. Pranks can play a significant role in sharing good moments and making things beautiful for people around you and your kids. CheckApril Fools Day Quotes

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Good April Fools Day Pranks For School

School for Sale: Purchasing a large “for sale” board and placing it in front of the school and putting an On sale for 10 dollars to grab the attention of the readers and then in the bottom of the board writing in small letters Good April Fools Day Pranks 2016 in below. The 10 dollars will grab the attention of people causing a curiosity and o the other hand little letters will give them the pleasure of Good April Fools Day Pranks At School. 

Classroom Shuffle: This one is interesting. During class period if a teacher is out for few minutes. Students are turning their desk and tables to the back of the classroom. So that when the teacher will come back at the class, they must continue doing their work in opposite directions and creating an atmosphere like nothing has happened and when the teacher asks “What is going on”, then shouting loudly “Good April Fools Day“.

Changing clothes during School timing: During class, asking the teacher to go to the bathroom and then changing clothes to wear something different from the previous dress and after coming back if the teacher says “You are wearing a new dress”. Then shouting it is April Fool’s Day.

 April Fools Day Ideas For School

Swap the signs on the men’s and ladies’ restrooms: One very common prank that students play is they swap the signs on men’s and ladies’ restrooms and creating confusion among them to choose wrong rest rooms, and if they get caught by anyone inside, everyone will be making fun of them, and they will always be remembered for that April Fool moment.

Glue a coin to the ground and watch people try to take it off: A simple and smart way to play pranks with other kids or people around you is glue a coin to the ground, and if anyone tries to take it off the ground, he/she may not be able to do that. Videos can be recorded in this case and be saved for future reference by telling that guy how we made April Fool to you on that day.

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Take something from someone’s table or desk and leave them a ransom note: Taking something like pen, copy, paper, stapler and leaving them note from any other person’s name can result in he or she may be searching for that person without any reason and when both of them will meet, they will come to know hat nothing happened, no object was taken from table and it was just a usual prank.

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The Prank that Never Was: The another way to celebrate a prank is to do nothing on April Fool’s day and creating an atmosphere or environment by telling teacher or students that you are planning something amazing to be played as the prank and doing nothing on that day. On April 1st, they will be waiting in an anticipation for that prank and if you Do nothing. Very soon they will realise that you do not prank them it was just words and nothing else.

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April Fools Day Jokes For School

Changing mouse settings on your kid’s computer:

Good April Fools Day Pranks For School

To create confusion among kid’s brain, changing settings of the mouse, so that mouse will behave weirdly and then asking them you have damaged an expensive device.

 April Fools Day 2016 Pranks

Pretending to your kid like School principal called: Creating an illusion among home in front of your kid like school principal called and was complaining about him or her in a furious way.

Good April Fools Day 2016 Pranks For School

Switch the handles on the refrigerator to the side that doesn’t open: Kids are smart but sometimes playing a prank like changing handles of refrigerators can result in having a confusion is small kids that what happened suddenly to refrigerator and they may try opening refrigerator from other side resulting in failure and having one more memory for April fools day 2016.

Good April Fools Day Pranks For School

Taking a print screenshot of the desktop of kid’s computer: Taking a print screen and applying that image as wallpaper and then asking your kid about what the hell you have done with the computer and showing them why there is nothing happening if you are clicking on computer icons.

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