April Fools Day Origin 2017

April Fools Day OriginApril Fools Day 2017, which is coming on April 1 every year, has its own importance in the life of humans. People wait the whole year for this day because their pranks will not be taken as seriously and people will take it lightly. On the other hand, pranks become part of the our world and give us some reasons to gather together and spend time together thinking about funny things and funny results. April Fools Day Origin has its own story and history. April Fools day is one of the lightest hearted days in the whole year. For some people, It is called as an adoption of the new year. CheckApril Fools Day Jokes & Happy April Fools Day Images

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April Fools Day Origin

The origin of April Fools day has its own history. April Fools Day closely follows the vernal equinox, While at the beginning of the new year, a large part of Europe celebrated March 25 as The Feast of Annunciation. April Fools day is celebrated at a huge level in western world and  April fools day origin meaning is something that is celebrated by countries from centuries, It involves doing things that don’t exist, playing pranks, making fun of something, creating experiment with ridiculous things that is part of April fools day origin and history from a long time.  In 1582, a new calender was ordered by Pope Gregory XIII and replacing the old Julian Calendar, which resulted in the formation of a new calender for New year which should be celebrated on January 1. In the sam year, France shows support to the new calendar system and adopted the new calendar and shifted new year to January 1. Also CheckApril Fools Day Pranks At Home And April Fools Day Prank Ideas

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In the sam year, France shows support to the new calendar system and adopted the new calendar and shifted new year to January 1. April fools origin came during that time as many people were not accepting that new date as New year. Some people continued to make fun of these continue celebrating New Year on April 1. While others began to make fun of people who changed this system and started to trying to make fun of them by beliving something false. In the end, the practice spread throughout the Europe. CheckApril Fools Day Sayings

April Fools Day Origin

There is one more explanation of Origin of April fools day history. According to Joseph Boskin, who was a professor at Boston University. He was having his own words for April fools day history origin. According to him, a group of court jesters told the Roman emperor that Running the Empire can be done by them in a more better way. It was the reign of  Constantine who finally gave a jester to become King for one day that becomes the reason for what is the origin of April Fools day and that jester announced a law which was called as ridiculous on that day and that day became an annual event responsible for being Origin of April fools day.

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Mayonnaise Prank:

Try to soothe your angry colleagues with some nice fresh doughnuts after the Oreo toothpaste incident.

But replace the custard filling with mayonnaise. Maybe hide in the toilet for the rest of the day.

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