April Fools Day Ideas 2017

April Fools Day Ideas 2017: April Fools day 2017 which is celebrated on first of April every year is coming, and people cannot wait to play their funny pranks to people around them. Even though April Fool is no official holiday and is famous for doing ridiculous things which do not exist. Best April Fools Day Ideas 2017 are available here. It has a huge craze in people, especially in western countries. People play pranks, send funny SMS and messages and try to be as funny as possible by applying April Fools Day Ideas because whatever they are doing on this day will not be taken as seriously.

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April Fools Day Ideas

Happy April fools Day come with a lot of opportunities to create funny stories, incident and sharing funny thoughts, playing pranks and try to be as smart as possible in order to make people realize how special they are. Even though people do not mind doing naughty things and playing pranks on this day. There is no age limit on people over who should celebrate April Fools day. Small kids can play pranks to their parents, so as parents can play pranks to kids. While in office, people play the prank to their colleagues and try to be as smart as possible. Ideas for April Fools day can be easily found on the internet or by discussing friends etc. April fools day ideas pranks are something which can be done in school, office, home and are not going to bother anyone. April fools day ideas for school is something which kids do with their friends etc. in school and can be part of un unforgettable school memories. While Some people prefer discussing  April fools day party ideas and applying them to them to cause an atmosphere of laughter. April fools day ideas for kids can also result in helping kids sharpening their minds by doing creative things.  

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April Fools Day Ideas:

Serving your dear ones with potato meshed Sundae and giving them the illusion as if they are eating icecream.

April Fools Day 2016 Ideas

April fools day party ideas:

Party ideas for April fools day can be a real fun and for that some people should be part of that party, so sending them invitation is a must and then trying some cool things can result in having a great April fool party.

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april fools day party ideas

Place a transparent plastic sheet on one’s favorite carpet or book and drop gravy or ink on it.

Putting a fake car scratch on their cars.

Preparing a dish with an overall look of fake bandages over a dish in a plate is also a nice idea.

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April Fools Day 2016 pranks


April fools day ideas for kids:

Hiding a toy snake in groceries section of the home is a nice way to play a prank on someone. Make sure to inform them that the snake is not real at the proper time.

Putting hand made insects inside the lamp and giving them a feeling of a giant insect in living inside the lamp.

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april fools day tricks for school

April fools day ideas pranks:

Renaming friend list as mom and sending them messages which are un-mom messages to surprise them in a funny way.

Buy some underwear, write a co-worker’s name in them, then leave them on the floor of the office bathroom.

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April Fools Day Ideas

April fools day ideas for school:April fools day ideas for school

Playing a prank that never was a rank:

Sometimes, the best prank is not to throw a prank. For several weeks leading up to April Fool’s Day, tell your teacher that you are planning the most amazing prank anyone has ever pulled on a teacher. Remind her every chance you get.

On April 1st, she will be waiting in an anticipation.

Do nothing.

When she realizes you didn’t prank her, she’ll likely laugh and perhaps even give a small sigh of relief.

Freezing your kid’s breakfast (cereal) as a way to let him understand what Happy April fools day is.

april fools day ideas for kids

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