April Fools Day Facts 2017

April Fools Day Facts: With April Fools Day 2017 coming near in the month of April, people from all over the world are excited to play pranks and do naughty things to the people around you. Happy April Fools Day which is also known as All Fools’ Day is a day which comes on very First Day of April every year. We are sharing April fools day facts and it will include all facts about April fools day. It is a day which is considered as a day when people play hoaxes and jokes to each other. People from all ages participate in this and since it is Very popular since the 19th century and is celebrated all over the world in the countries like United Sates, Brazil, All Europe, Canada, Australia, India. There are also some very interesting April Fools Day Facts associated with this day.  CheckApril Fools Day Jokes & Happy April Fools Day Images

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April Fools Day Facts

A day on which everyone around the whole world just plays practical jokes and pranks. Since it is a day which is celebrated in almost the whole world. There are some Facts about April Fools Day. April Fools day has been a day where everyone escapes very easily, and no one caught them since on this day everyone os free to play pranks and do funny activities. Kids, Adults old people everyone loves his day because it adds sweetness and love to people around you.Everyone wants to smile because it becomes part of the memories and April fools day is one of the days on which people cannot stop laughing and enjoying. Also CheckApril Fools Day Pranks At Home And April Fools Day Prank Ideas

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It is unknown what exactly was the date when April Fools day began.

April Fools day comes on 1 April every year.

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April Fool’s day is also called as April Fools Day.

It is a day on which people play pranks on each other.

In the United States , pranks play till last of the day while in other countries pranks play only till few hours.

April fools day fun facts

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April Fools Day Pictures

April fool’s day is not an official holiday.

Some people spend a lot of time and money on celebrating April Fools Day by planning about funny jokes and activities.

It is famous for ding things that don’t exist and trying to make believe about ridiculous things.

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In Scotland, April Fools day lasts for two days.

Twenty years earlier, the BBC fooled the nation with a spoof documentary broadcast about spaghetti crops in Switzerland. The documentary “featured a family in Switzerland carrying out their annual spaghetti harvest…carefully plucking strands of spaghetti from a tree and laying them in the sun to dry.” Apparently, millions were duped–calling in to ask how they could grow their own spaghetti trees.

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In the 1950s, the BBC ran a news story about a spaghetti harvest that took place in Switzerland. This prank is believed to be the best April Fools’ Day prank of all time, resulting in many requests for spaghetti trees by viewers.

In 1985, Sports Illustrated runs a 14-page story by George Plimpton about a Mets pitching phenom named Sidd Finch. The reclusive, skinny Finch has a 168-mph fastball (which he credits to meditations in Tibet) and a host of quirks including carrying a French horn at all times and wearing only one hiking boot while pitching.

april fools day facts

Pranksters would secretly stick paper fish to their backs. The victims of this prank were called Poisson d’Avril, or April Fish—which, to this day, remains the French term for April Fools.

Home Grown Spaghetti Trees: one of the most famous April Fools’ pranks occurred in 1957, when BBC news program Panorama reported on Switzerland’s spaghetti harvest. The region’s mild winter and lack of natural spaghetti pests allowed for the fruitful production of home-grown spaghetti. The BBC received many calls from people interested in growing their own spaghetti, who were told that they should place a sprig of spaghetti in tomato sauce.

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